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What a beautiful way to begin this year. My fortunes were right – it’s a great financial decision to travel in my dream job as a flight attendant, and I am so in love.. “You will take a chance and win”, that little piece of paper told me. But moreover, I chose to believe it.

I also chose to never settle, for the right guy would come when it was time, although at times I was impatient, and I described Angel to a “T” in the first few pages of my journal. For us, my age of 28 was just ripe enough for both of us to know what we want, and to allow each other to love the other for who we are, as well as who we strive to be. Both of us having been through heart ache, my broken engagement and his divorce, we shared experiences and vowed never to be unhappy or settle for less again. And then we we found each other, to have and hold so tight that our shattered pieces became whole again.

I was determined to own a house by the end of 2013, despite the seeming impossibility of it– the bad report on our first offer, and a real estate agent who just never got it right. So something had to change.. And in my first day with Melanie, an agent who was recommended by a friend, she introduced me to a home I honestly couldn’t believe was in my price range at all, and from the second living room to the jet tub, it was perfect. I became a home owner a year to the day that my my house had burned down, my business had failed, and my fiancė broke my heart.

The missing puzzle piece of the year might have been the hollow void of not making a large contribution to others in need, pulling my resources and the love around me to make dreams come true. With one email this past summer, I knew that Emily and I were meant to be good friends. My intuition proved to be right, when during our first meeting over coffee, we started planning a fundraiser, fulfilling a dream she had, and the desire I had to find a partner with which to share a great passion for helping others.

And it could have only been a dream then to think we would be going to Haiti in two days to meet those little angels at the Kentaja Orphan Home. My story has never been of anything but hope, and I rattle off the sweet highlites of my 2013 story now to remind you that one year can certainly make all the difference- if you believe it will.



Crash Pad Manager at Cloud #39
Tara is a Flight Attendant for a major US airline and Crash Pad Manager for Cloud #39. She enjoys traveling with her flight attendant boyfriend and managing humanitarian projects.