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ABQ – Long Overnight – DoubleTree by Hilton

ABQ – Long Overnight – DoubleTree by Hilton

  • Author: Angel
  • Date Posted: Aug 29, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: 201 Marquette Ave, NW Albuquerque NM 87102

Ride time from airport: 10 minutes

Microwave: only in Lobby

Fridge: Available upon request (normally $10 but for crew its free)

Free Breakfast: No (restaurant downstairs)

Attractions: Old Town

Warning: Don’t rely on their wake up calls!

Review: Leaving a good review for this hotel was very difficult for me, considering the drama that our crew went through in the morning of our flight. Lets just say, that you can’t judge a hotel on a single employee, which is why I have left a good review instead of a bad one. 

We arrived at this hotel around 2pm in the afternoon, which gave us plenty of time to explore, and since we were situated right in the downtown area, exploring is a very simple affair. After changing into our streetclothes, Tara and I decided to go to Old Town, a little shopping district in the downtown area that the shuttle driver had recommended to us on the way in. Our shuttle driver, Perry, was very knowledgeable and gave us many recommendations, which was very helpful. We went downstairs and called the shuttle, and promptly headed to old town (that review is coming soon, and will be here when it is done). The shopping district was enjoyable, and after a few hours there, and a pleasant dinner we headed back.

Our plan was to hit the pool, but by the time we returned, the wind had picked up and the pool was very cold, so we decided against it. We did go downstairs to their bar and there was some lovely Jazz played by a duo that seemed to know what they were doing. We relaxed down here for a little while then off to bed we went.

The trouble began early in the morning. I usually rely on the hotel wake up call, but I went ahead and set an alarm, just in case. Sure enough, at 5am, my alarm went off, but no wake up call. No big deal, so we get dressed and go downstairs to wait for our crew and shuttle. While I was there, I went to the front desk to let the representative know that we never received our wake up call. He could not care less, and after pressing him for a moment as to why we never got it, he said that it was because our phones were set to a volume that was too low. I didn’t believe him, but didn’t want to argue so I left him and waited in the lobby. At about 5 minutes past pickup time, not only was there no sign of the shuttle, but no sign of our crewmate. I go back to the representative, and asked if he could call our crew mate. His attitude was not pleasant, but he called, and from what I heard, he had just woken up our crewmate. She told him she would be down in 5 minutes. I go back to the lobby, and as I am walking up, I see the shuttle leaving. I didn’t even have time to tell the shuttle driver to wait, or to hurry back, so I told the representative. Again, his answer was very non-committal, and long story short, the shuttle finally arrived 40 minutes later cutting our time to the gate very short. We arrived barely at boarding time, and had to rush through everything. It is not how I like to begin my day, and because the representative did not inform the shuttle driver of our hurry, instead of coming straight back to the hotel to pick us up, halfway back to the hotel he turns around and goes back to the airport to pick someone else up, making us late. Again, I hate to rate an entire hotel on person, and considering that the other staff was very friendly and courteous I am going to assume he was the exception to their rule.

Overall, the hotel stay was pleasant, the hotel room was nice, and barring some construction in the city, the view was very nice. The pool and workout facilities were very well maintained and the staff that greeted us when we arrived was very welcoming and kind. The hotel is in the perfect area to explore the town, and if you enjoy the show Breaking Bad, you will love all the little places and shops that cater to the show. Its a great place to get to know the town.