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Hector’s Agavito (An Air Crew Hangout)

Hector’s Agavito (An Air Crew Hangout)

  • Author: Tara
  • Date Posted: Aug 13, 2014
  • Category: ,
  • Address: Chimalhuacan 12, Col. Peñon de los Baños Mexico City, Mexico

10533762_10203663835587909_2045789886692225709_nIf you’re in Mexico City and in the mood to dive into Mexican culture and great food within a short distance from the airport, go see Hector! He will always greet you with a huge smile and a warm welcome. His food is very authentic and delicious, given in large portions, and still inexpensive. Several different salsas and guacamole were served complimentary, and I had a large bowl of tortilla soup for just $3. What’s more is Hector genuinely LOVES airline crew. He will most likely ask you to sign his 777 airplane poster, and no worries if you come alone or in a group- He’s always down for a lovely chat! I am claiming Hector as my Mexican Uncle…. When I told him that it was my first time leaving my hotel for that layover, he wrote his number on a napkin and made me promise I would call him next time I’m in town so that he could walk me from my hotel to the restaurant. In my opinion, these are the kinds of business owners we should be supporting whenever at all possible!

Don’t forget to bring cash (US dollars are just fine)!