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PHL – Short Overnight – Downtown Sheraton

PHL – Short Overnight – Downtown Sheraton

  • Author: Angel
  • Date Posted: Aug 16, 2014
  • Category: ,
  • Address: 201 N 17th St Philadelphia, PA

Ride time from airport: 15 minutes

Microwave: only in Lobby

Fridge: No

Free Breakfast: No! $17 buffet with laughable service

Review: You really don’t expect too much from a short layover hotel. Basically, a clean bed, quiet room, and short ride over.  The Downtown Sheraton wasn’t terrible, but it also did not live up to it’s name. The first  thing I noticed when I arrived at around 12:30 at night, was that the phone was not working. I was trying to call down to the front desk to ask for a microwave to reheat my food. I then called the front desk using my cell phone and they informed me that the only microwave was downstairs and they would reheat my food for me. The front desk representative was nice, and we chit chatted for a bit, and he was kind enough to give me a free breakfast voucher after I requested it. After I returned to my room, at around 1:00 in the morning, I heard loud banging on a room a few doors down, and drunken yelling by someone trying to get into their room. after about 5 minutes of this, it subsided and I figured it was over.  I drifted off to sleep around this time, but at 4am, I was shaken out of my sleep by loud banging again. The same women as before, but  this time for about 10 minutes. Eventually, they got into their room, and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up around 8am, so that I could take advantage of the free breakfast voucher. When I arrived downstairs, I noticed it was very cold, so I recommend if you are up early, bring a sweater.  I was led to the table, and the waiter took my drink order, which he promptly got wrong, then I went to the buffet, which had very few items. They had Eggs with salsa, Bacon, Sausage, Potatoes, and an omelette station, along with assorted breads and pastries. The food tasted good, but at a normal price of $17.99 for the buffet, I would have been very disappointed if I had not gotten a voucher. It is not worth your money, and you are better off looking for food at the Airport if you have an early morning flight out, or walk around downtown and find a decent restaurant.

Overall, The downtown Sheraton was not terrible, and I know that they cannot control everyone who stays at the hotel, but the walls were definitely thin, and you could hear everything when people would loudly go down the hall. The breakfast was a terrible value, but the location is very good for exploring. We heard it was near the liberty bell, and a fresh market, so I hope to explore these next time I go.



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