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Look Up; Overlapp and Connect with Real People

Look Up; Overlapp and Connect with Real People

By on Aug 25, 2014 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Imagine a world where with one chime, no matter where you are, you’re connected real time with real people. No matter who you are- a traveler, a 9 to 5’er, a business man, a nomad… We all have friends and loved ones that we’d like to see more of. We text back and forth; Sometimes we make plans so far out that as soon as the date arrives, life has surprised us yet again and forces us to cancel. We fill up our agendas with events, but what we really want is to see our favorite people, more often, when it’s convenient for all of us. For this reason, I’m so excited to welcome and support the making of Overlapp, the people based calendar!
As a flight attendant, I’ve given up all hope of having a normal routine or schedule, and it’s time to have have an app that fits my lifestyle. Most of my friends live with a similar chaos, and as a result, we don’t connect as often as we’d like to. My family has a hard enough time trying to pin point where I am at any given time. How nice will it be when an app actually alerts them to when I’m back in town! I especially look forward to layovers with my favorite class mates from training. I once had the same layover as my training roommate in Miami, where we partied and ended up joy riding around in a convertible mustang… Easily one of my favorite memories! My boyfriend and I got to know each other over Facebook and text in the beginning. I wonder how much more quickly we might have gotten together had an app alerted us to when we were both free and in the same place, and still were able to get together casually!

I see so many love stories in Overlapp. Overlapp is it’s own love story, reuniting those long lost to the world, without a means to sync their schedules with all of those people they want to see! Now, we’ll finally be able to do just that!

The short film “Look Up” continuously comes to mind, in which a man never looks up from his phone,and because of this, misses out on his true love, and the lifetime of happiness he could have had with her. Consider Overlapp the ultimate reminder to look up, and to connect with real people whenever possible. The world so desperately needs this!



Crash Pad Manager at Cloud #39
Tara is a Flight Attendant for a major US airline and Crash Pad Manager for Cloud #39. She enjoys traveling with her flight attendant boyfriend and managing humanitarian projects.