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I lost my sandals in the ocean
I lost my heart in Haiti
I was thrown off balance at the entryway
Because of the overwhelming love

We raised funds for an orphanage
But we gave them to a family
I collected simple extras
They received the gift of hygiene

We painted a tree, they planted a seed
We placed their hands in the paint; and they left their mark on our hearts

I embraced the hot sun
And they lit fire to my passion
I had seen every photograph
But now I was holding a real, evolving life

I hugged Woodley ever so tightly
I saw my own spirit in his happy eyes
And the love that I had planned to share by sacrifice
Burrowed itself tenfold, and now it busts at the seams of my heart


Crash Pad Manager at Cloud #39
Tara is a Flight Attendant for a major US airline and Crash Pad Manager for Cloud #39. She enjoys traveling with her flight attendant boyfriend and managing humanitarian projects.